Monkey Island – the, in my opinion, best adventure game series ever – has gotten a homage. "So? Big whoop(TM).", I hear you say. True, that's nothing new. But the new thing is that this time it's not a flash animation, but a reggae cover of the Monkey Island main theme by a german band called Black Ash. Well worth listening, whether you're a raggamuffin or "just" a MI fan.

Aaaah, those were the days when the games were fun and the children were glad ;)

And "pirate games" were games about pirates, and "crackers" (not hackers) were the bad people.

But seriously …I learnt a lot from those oldskool adventure games: English, abstract thinking, thinking fast, analytical thinking in even the most unusual (if not already bizare!) situations…

The world needs more adventure games!! I think we've seen enough versions of the same shoot'em'up's by now.

Hopefully the new rise of the small gaming companies will help adventure games reclaim the throne of gaming they once already had. It'd be high time to show big lazy companies how daring ideas can come a long way and how ingeniuity and good humour can beat movie-based sequels to sequels to sequels in an insult swordfight hands down.

…at least in my world.

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