Woo, that’s went surprisingly smooth!

I’m happy to announce the 4th incarnation of Hook’s Humble Homepage!

As you can see, the migration from my Drupal website (kindly hosted by Kiberpipa) to a self-hosted Habari is finished and all is well.

Due to the already mentioned limitations of Habari’s Drupal Importer I had to either work around them or get the 3-year old code of the importer changed.

Luckily this simple module to change node types in Drupal was just right for me 1 and I could simply change all the story type nodes on Drupal into blog type nodes. …that solved problem №1 (either stories or blog posts).

As for preparing a single taxonomy to import, I followed this tip on how to merge vocabularies in Drupal with SQL on my Drupal database. …which solved problem №2 (just one taxonomy structure).

With those two out of the way, problem №3 (comments for either stories or blog posts) was also worked around, so the import could begin…

The import did fail half-way on first try then, but when I re-ran it, it worked just fine. So here we are!

Next steps were to fix by hand all inconsistencies in markup due to different plug-ins being used on Drupal and on Habari, deleting of old spam comments, users, fixing broken links and changing the DNS to point here now. While time consuming, I gladly took this trip down memory lane and I hope I managed to get it right.

What got migrated:

  • all posts ☺ – blog and stories;
  • pages ☺ – edited and cleaned up;
  • taxonomy ☺ – cleaned up and flattened into tags;
  • good vibes and a desire to write again ☺.

There are also some things that did not get migrated:

  • URL’s ☹ – Drupal’s ?q=node/ URL structure is not supported by Habari, but at least everything is here and the new system produces actually meaningful URL’s ;
  • users ☹ – I decided to drop these, since a) you don’t need one to write comments; and b) spam bot users were a hundred-fold bigger in numbers than actual users making it a real bother to admin. If you really need one, just ask for one;
  • spam ☺ – got rid of all spam and as an added bonus, I am not running any pesky checker if you’re human (or a smart bot). Let’s first see how smart Habari’s stock filter is and if need arises to toughen the barricades, I’ll do it then …In the migration it performed quite well, so I’m hopeful.

Last, but not least, lots of thanks to the wonderful community on #habari and Sam Tuke for all the help and support in making this migration possible.

hook out → nodding approvingly with his cuppa in hand

  1. If you need anything even a bit more complex (e.g. you use CCK), you should rather look at Node Convert

  2. I made sure that all links on this page point to the right pages. This issue should exist only if you have outdated bookmarks or links that reference here from the outside. 

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