As you all know this was only meant to be a temporary blog, untill I build a half-way decent page. Well, the time has come and here it is.

I promise I'll try to keep it better updated and more usefull then this blog was, but I'm not promising any success – I've got quite a busy life!

Oh, and I've decided that starting with the next season I'll post my famous (so they say!) "hook's blog" on Cyberpipe/Kiberpipa in both slovene and english. Hopefully some will find those Linux and F(L)OSS ramblings I make there usefull.

hook out → permanently this time

Update: This is the last post from my BlogSpot account. After this blog post I have ran Drupal 4 on my own webserver. For more information read my notes on the 5th incarnation of Hook's Humble Homepage.

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