No, I'm not featured in some bad ass XXX monster-infested hentai anime where thousands Cthulhus rape a whole spacescoolbus of highschoolers in torn mini skirts …honestly, that's not me …it's just some other good looking guy …who …looks …a …lot …like …bah, forget it :P

The real deal is that Tante has asked me to be featured on his podcast, that's called Tentaclepr0n. We talked a lot about law – how it all started, why it's interesting (to me), what are the basic differences, why lawyers are seem evil and how t o choose the right lawyer for you.

Well, if for some sick reason you're interested more in me talking about law for a little less then two hours then e.g. in watching hentai, listen to the 2nd episode of Tentaclepr0n.

Update: The podcasts seem to be offline now. Added Internet Archive link.

hook out → going to bed, lotsa lotsa stuff to do tomorrow

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