I haven't written anything on the blog for quite some time – I've been busy as usual, I know ;)

It was quite a busy month – failing an exam, writing an application for my faculty because of that failed exam, working for ELSA and experience a lot of ups and even more downs of organizing a trilateral student exchange between Ljubljana, Trier and Bristol.

I'd love to say that things are slowly calming down and getting in place – but that'd be just lying my arse off! ;)

I've just finished a brochure on ELSA yesterday. I kinda like Scribus, I just realized I hate desktop publishing itself. It seems so much work that's not really appreciated by people who haven't done it before – searching for all the bloody fonts (and later figuring out they lack characters you need!), setting the styles to others' liking and all that. Oh, well …at least it's done now :]

Oh, about that "mobile" thing: I (at the moment of writing still) have a rent SonyEricsson K700i mobile phone – one that I would never spend money on if I had to pay for it the full price – and I have to return it by tomorrow. It's a great phone and it saddens me that I have to return it and buy a more basic model :( Of course K700i has (like most of its moddern counterparts) tons of features I'll never really need, but it's fast and the interface is quite thought through – which is a lot!

Anyhoo, hopefully I'll be able to get that HP nx6125 laptop I'd like – that'd make a fancy mobile, except for calling of course, rather obsolete :D

hook out → drinking tea (Aromatic Lemon from Taylors of Harrogate), listening to RareFM and trying to get into a studying mood :P

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