OK, first I have to say that Liron – the girl who blogged this – is in my eyes one of the most interesting persons I know of. Not only is she a female Linux geek, she's also a graphic artist/designer, was in the army. Oh, and she's (as she calls herself) an Israeli American living in Germany. And that's just a short recap of this awesome girl in her early 20's!!

But now back on topic: The thing is that Liron started writing on her blog something at the same time so peculiar and funny and interesting and useful on the other hand – a HOWTO on make-up for geek girls called Makeup for Four-Eyes.

hook out → out-cold pretty much really …three exams (=the civil triplet) on friday and I'm soooooooo lagging behind!! OLo …no tea right now …just bed …

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