A lot has happened that I could write about, but I simply don't find enough time being in the middle of the hectic exam time.

But I evaluate that yesterdays' happenings are worthy of mentioning and easy enough to be written in just a few words.

Firstly, after a lenghtly time I got my hair cut again – very short …almost military-style.

Another thing that could be noticed as a change on my physique is that my right part of neck is a bit sunburnt (but not the left one or any other part of my body). That is so, because yesterday when I was walking home from the faculty I bumped into a highschoolmate of mine who studied philosophy and now switched to psychology and we started debating. The debate – which could as well be called philosophical according to its topics, style of dialogue and length – took on for quite some time which neither of us really noticed. The effect being that while standing in the same position for such a long time in the sun my right side got sunburnt …and I suppose the same goes for his left side.

It was a very enjoyable noon …I suppose that ancient philosophers looked very amusing in this context – they probably had patches of skin that was quite pale and some patched that were very dark already. No wonder the average person finds philosophers wierd :]

hook out → gone to make some tea and then study Civil law

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