It's monday, I just cleaned my shoes and my sport sandals and I decided to update my Civil Procedure Act.

Because I'm a nice person and don't want to kill too many trees, I decided to manually update my paperback edition of the Civil Procedure Act (consolidated text 2) by crossing out what's outdated and writing the new text between the the lines wherever I can.

All fair and good, but the problem's that the C and D amendments (which I'm lacking) are between them around 150 articles long with some of which presenting completely rewritten articles or new ones that need to fit in somehow.

…meeeeaaaaaaniiiiing that I have to print out the longer sections and physically cut them out and glue them to my book. Oldskool! XD

Later on, polishing my shoes with oldskool shoe wax…

On a side note, I've been living quite happily with Magnatune, Jamendo and for the past few days. I don't really feel any worse for losing my music collection anymore. Backup-wise, SpiderOak is really looking great, so I'll try to write an ebuild for their client.

hook out → drinking recycled Yorkshire Gold (from Taylors of Harrogate) and getting messy with the scissors and glue …oldskool style!

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