Yesterday I passed the exam and enrolled in the 4th year. Meaning, there's only this year and another for my diploma thesis (masters equivalent) and I'm officially a lawyer :D

So, today I went on my first lecture of my last year of studies.

It felt odd, but good.

Some statistics:

  • Today in class, there were only about 50 people present; the prof. said that there's 166 enrolled in the 4th year.
  • When I enrolled in my 1st year, I remember there was about 750 of us.

Wow! Now, that's a considerable drop rate! It's been a long journey and often tough, but I'm slightly proud of me for not losing the motivation. Although the war's not over yet, the last but one battle was won …

Can't wait for the IP law lectures to start next week :]

hook out → tired, off to bed

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