Today I had my last lectures …and with that I mean my last lectures ever 1.

It's the end of my formal education …after pretty much most of my life spent in schools, it's over. Just like that.

It feels weird not needing to go to any lectures ever again – not that you have to participate in most of them, but still – be just months away from not being a student anymore, just a few exams and a thesis away from being a lawyer and having to find a job and all that.

It's neither freightening nor exciting …it's just new and odd. I don't have that “the whole world is your oyster” feeling (yet), but neither do I feel scared …odd.


Most definitely odd.

hook out → oJO slightly confused sipping tea and setting up BOINC

  1. OK, not counting any possible lectures if I enroll for a doctor's degree. 

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