Since I'm occasionally writing articles for Linux New Media and they have this bogus syntax they expect you to follow when writing articles, I decided to put an end to my suffering.

Most of the time I use Kate for writing articles (I use Vim mainly for administration). Therefore the logical solution was to wrap those syntax rules into a highlighting file for Kate. Now I can finally make heads and tails out of the whole mess!

So, in case you write for any of their magazines 1 , you can now download my Kate syntax highlighting file and enjoy the goodness :]

BTW, if you want to write your own syntax highlighting for Kate, check out its online documentation and/or this article. Taking a peek at the already existing XML files in /usr/share/apps/katepart/syntax/ and ~/.kde4/share/apps/katepart/syntax/ might be a good idea as well

Someday I may even write the same highlighting for Vim.

hook out → sipping tea and writing an article about FOSS solutions to cloud computing for Linux Magazine

  1. Linux New Media are releasing a huge amount of GNU/Linux magazines all over the world. Amongst others: Linux Magazine, Linux Pro Magazine, EasyLinux, Linux User, Linux Technical Review and many others. 

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