Last month FSFE started offering Fellowship grants to active FOSS contributors and although I applied, I was quite taken aback that I was amongst the three chosen on the first month – to me this is a huge acknowledgement of my efforts and I'm honoured to be a Fellow of the FSFE. (Plus the card's really cool, hehe)

This also means that from now on, my blog and articles are being aggregated on FSFE's Planet Fellowship as well.

I think some quick introductions are in order, right?

Well, in short, I'm a 26 year old law student from Ljubljana, Slovenia in my final year of studies who has a great interest in all things related to IT, IP and FOSS – both from the legal, social and technical point of view.

From the FOSS side – since that's what FSFE is mainly about – I've been a GNU/Linux user for more then a decade now, with Slackware as my first distro and Gentoo as my current (and favourite). I'm not much of a coder, but I try to help out in other ways – translating, advocating, reporting bugs and wishes, connecting people together from similar projects, write articles and do all sorts of other small non-coding things. OK, I admit that from time to time I write an ebuild for Gentoo or simple scripts as well, but that doesn't count, does it? :P

The free time that I don't dedicate to FOSS and improving my knowledge on IT and IP law I spend with my family (dog included), my wonderful girlfriend, sailing and until recently for ELSA. Also, if you haven't guessed yet from the subtitle of my website, I have a soft spot for tea.

hook out → taking the dog for a late walk and going to bed

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