As my previous secure OpenID provider has been offline for months, I decided to switch to MyOpenID.

And so far I think I'll stay with it.

  • security-wise it offers both the password-protected as well as more sophisticated SSL/TLS authentication, over an information card or even over GSM
  • it offers more then one personae for one account so you can easily choose how to present yourself to diverse sites (e.g. have one more official and one more personal persona)
  • also the site looks pretty usable
  • it doesn't seem like it's going to bloody disappear in the next year or so! XD

OpenID seems pretty practical, but without a secure layer in between I really wouldn't like to use it – it's just way too tempting for anyone to take erm, "advantage" of the simplicity of its system ;)

hook out → back from walking the dog with my brother and studying Law of Property

Update: MyOpenID will cease in 2013.

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