On my way back from NUK I stopped at the bookstore Azil, where the kind resident feminist librarian offered me free coffee and a nice debate. After checking out any law-related new stuff I started burrowing through the free books box and…

Lo! There was a fantasy book with a sticky note of a running book on it!.

Odd, I thought. "Wha's dis all'bout?", I required of the kind resident feminist booklady. "Aye, there's more where tha' came from.", she replied and showed me two more – namely Kite Runner and an Arthur C. Clarke book. She went on "Tis a book ye can take fer free, read and then drop somewhere for someone else to read if ye're kind 'nuff."

So I happily took it home and clicked on the link on the label and the bookmark in the book – http://bookcrossing.com – and discovered a great community of people who like to read books and share it with others. This is how the system works: person A registers a book it owns on BookCrossing, equips it with its unique BCID number and gives it away to someone or leaves it somewhere for someone to find it. Then person B finds the book (or got it directly from A), reads it, enters the BCID into the BookCrossing register and can see where the book has already been, what people think about it and also write a comment about it and how it was found. Then person B also does the same as did person A – give it away or leave it somewhere for people to find it.

It's brilliant!

The person who first registered and realeased it can track where their books have already travelled and how many people had it in their hands and what they think about it. And on the other hand the person who found it can read it for free and also see how well-travelled it already was.

I already made my account on BookCrossing and already "caught" my first book. I've left the Rendezvouz With Rama and other books in Azil for others to hunt for them.

hook out → nap, study, feed, study, start reading the book I found, sleep…

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