As announced in a previous blog entry, the homepage is getting (re)organized and getting it's first real content.

Firstly, you've probably noticed that the blog entries aren't anymore publshed on the first page. You will still be able to access them using the blog link at the top, though. I've done this because I feel that blog entries (which are more personal) should be kept separate from the more serious articles. I will try to write these in a more orderly manner to explain to the reader the actual matter of the article (in whatever form, except a blog entry it might be).

Which brings us to another change in the homepage – the content organization. There are three improvements now on the content. Firstly, the contents is now organized in categories, which makes it easier to browse. Secondly, now when you read an article, there's a Similar Entires block present, which lists the titles of similar content on this page. And lastly, there's now a functional search bar to search on the page (the search database is updated once a day).

You might have also noticed the advertisment strip on the side. I know, it might spoil your view, if you're really strict about these things and I would regularly agree, but I have to defend myself this time. Although I'm using free (as in freedom and beer) software for running this server and page, and the server's really an old PC I had lying around and didn't cost me much to bring back to life, the bandwidth and electricity (sadly) still aren't free. Therefore, I hope you'll take the ads as a necessary evil and won't hold a grudge against me because of it. I went with Google's AdSense because their ads are the least eye-stinging and tend to be generated so they match the content of the site.

So, welcome to my new homepage and I hope eventually you'll start to love it :]

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