Some might have read or heard that today SiOL (Slovenia's biggest ISP) has organised a street party/concert with Gorillaz Sound System as the main attraction. They seem to be a Gorillaz cover band, but some media actually bought it and claimed Gorillaz themselves are playing ;)

Well, it's just across the street from me :P

The fancy part is that I get them in stereo in the cosiness of my home – if I open up a southern window or balcony, I can hear the right speaker set; and if I open up a northern window, I can hear the left speaker set. Fancy shit ;)

Otherwise the introducing couple was annoying and the other bands almost just as well. Not to mention the bottle-throwing drunken juvenile wankers pissing on our house and in our backyard… Oh, well, I've seen worse. As long as no bigger damage occurs and we stay at that only one emergency car driving off, I could call the crowd half-way civilised, I suppose ;)

…even the "hard core" emos on our doorstep kindly apologised and lifted their arses when I asked if they'd be kind enough to let me and my brother enter our home ;)

hook out → waiting for midnight, so I can finally study a bit and/or go to sleep

P.S. Oh, and behind the other corner, the RBD are sleeping in the Hotel Lev after the already second (of three?) concerts in Slovenia. Weird shit's going down, I tells ya! OJo

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