Free Software Business

Ubuntu CTO, Matt Zimmerman is leaving Canonical.

Red Hat launches a new PaaS called OpenShift.

Oracle has subpoenaed the Apache Software Foundation to produce documents relating to Apache Harmony in Google's Android operating system.

After Attachmate's acquisition of Novell, the questions arise what will happen to Mono and more importantly what will happen to SUSE?

Software Patents

TechRights: Eben Moglen Explains Why Software Patents Should Not Exist

Open…: Do the Maths

TechDirt: How One Startup Used Patents To Kill A (Better) Competitor

Groklaw: Oracle Ordered to Reduce Claims Against Google From 132 to 3

Groklaw: Prior Art, Anyone? Anyone? Barnes & Noble? Google? Motorola?

TechDirt: Woz Completely Changes Tune On Patent Trolling From Just Months Ago

Ars Technica: Long-running TiVo patent battle settled for $500 million

the Inquirer: Oracle might have to toss 129 patent infringement claims in Google lawsuit

Ars Technica: Samsung continues barrage against Apple with new lawsuit in the US

Copyright and Other Legal Act Reforms

Michael Geist: Wikileaks on New Zealand Copyright: US Funds IP Enforcement, Offers to Draft Legislation

Peru's congress declares access to internet as a funamental right.

FFII criticises EU Comission's reply to the Opinion of European Academics on Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement [ACTA] and is not happy at all with it.

IPtegrity: _Hollywood presses European Parliament to sign ACTA _

Intellectual Property Watch: Trading’s End: Is ACTA The Leading Edge Of A Protectionist Wave?

the Techspoiler: 13 reasons why the Infringing File Sharing Act [of New Zealand] is bad for you by Christopher Wood Digital Agenda: Commission and European industry join forces to build the Internet of the Future

TechDirt: Why Is The Obama Administration Putting Billions Of People At Risk With Patent Pressure From The USTR?

Spicy IP: USIBC lobbies extensively with the Indian Govt. for increased IP protection

the Register: [UK] Parliamentary committee suspends intellectual property rights inquiry

Ars Technica: Wikileaks cables reveal US pressuring Canada on IP enforcement

Ars Technica: WikiLeaks: US offered to bankroll New Zealand piracy crackdown

Government and Free Software Policies

Campaign4Change: A sign that Cabinet Office reforms will alter behaviour of major IT suppliers

OSOR: 'Open source on the rise in UK schools'

OSOR: EU/GR: Greece becomes the first EU Member State to use Open e-PRIOR

OSOR: IT: Advocacy group re-launches free software awareness-raising campaign for 2011 election candidates

Open Standards

More on the WebM Community Cross Licence.

Other interesting links

ReadWriteWeb: This Could be Big: Decentralized Web Standard Under Development by W3C

Open…: Moral Bankruptcy of the Copyright Industry

ZDnet: Why You Should Think Twice About Opting-In to the Delicious-AVOS Transfer

On the Media: How to Beat Pirates

First Monday: Community created open source hardware: A case study of "eCars – Now!"

the Telegraph: Music industry takes lead in copyright battle

Righthaven – yet another highly controversial copyright-enforcement company with a dubious business model – is being sued.

Technische Fakultät Friderich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürenberg: OSR Group Thesis: Open Source Collaboration Codified (in English)

the Guardian: Why poor countries lead the world in piracy

China Media News: After literature and MP3: Baidu’s encyclopedia accused of copyright infringement in China

TechDirt: Disney Claims It's Copyright Infringement For Dish To Offer Starz To Non-Premium Subscribers

O'Reilly Radar: Does digital text create a cognitive gap?

CNET accused of copyright infringement because of distributing LimeWire – a P2P tool.

TechDirt: The Info Law Enforcement Gets When They Subpoena Facebook

TorrentFreak: Piracy Politics Fuel Internet Censorship

Ars Technica: Google faces $50 million lawsuit over Android location tracking

Ars Technica: And the leader in high speed fiber broadband is… Lithuania

Ars Technica: Unhappy Mounties sick of being private copyright cops

Ars Technica: House hearing blasts Sony's "half-hearted, half-baked" hack response

Ars Technica: Mozilla resists US gov't request to nuke "MafiaaFire" add-on

Ars Technica: Novell overturns judgement, WordPerfect antitrust suit against Microsoft is back on

This week in EDRi-gram about EU Comission and ACTA, "Virtual Schengen Border" or "Great Firewall of Europe", etc. etc.

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