Well, this is it then – the blog's started…

If anyone happened to read my testing post, that person probably noticed that between these two posts the "about me", "homepage" and "IM" links appeared, and that I posted a picture of myself – I know it's ugly, but I had to test the new digital camera (Olympus mju 300 digital) and that's what came out – ugly, unshaved, still bearing the marks of lack of sleep from the camp… X_x

Don't worry, I'll change the picture when I get a better pic of me :P

Oh, yea!! This also means that I got the camera working on my Linux box :D …I love my computer *hugs*

So, today I had to read through all the emails I got during my absense (camp) …I still have to reply a few, but I'll live – then I have to make a plan for this week and month, study (hard, and a lot!) and then in the evening go out with a friend of mine.

hook out

Update: This was the first real post on Blogger/BlogSpot, so my first real "blog" if we don't count the static HTML I wrote by hand.

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