I said I'm going to get a new homepage with a decent blog and all, haven't I? Well, here it is! :D

Ok, ok, I know it's not really posh at this very moment and doesn't even have a domain name at the time, but frankly I'm quite beat at the moment. I've just arrived back home yesterday at midnight from the seaside (my dad and me were working on our sailboat again) and before that I was miserably trying to get an old PC wings to become a router/firewall/server and failing at it big time!

After all the effort I had to swallow my pride and give up on Slackware – so I took a deep breath, downloaded and burnt an image of ClarkConnect Home edition and set it up. More or less it works now, but I still haven't figured out why DHCP doesn't seem to work like it should…

So, after all the sweat and blood (both literaly!) it cost me, I've succeeded in:

  • setting up a half-way decent network
  • a new homepage (with a blog and all!)
  • cutting myself while putting up the bloody hardware
  • loosing my temper more then once (which usually doesn't happen often!)
  • installed Slackware and ClarkConnect a few times
  • got a little sunburnt (ok, this isn't directly connected with setting up the server, but still!)

Anyhoo, I'm going to bed now… too tired to think… more on everything later…

hook out → nap time

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