Ah, finally :]

Finally it's all like it should be. Just called my ISP what's taking them so long to bind my domain name to my IP address …it seems they somehow overlook my e-mail (that seems to happen to me often these days O_o). Yup, I think I set up the firewall reasonably ok. I wouldn't mind some more strict settings, but I swallowed my pride again and settled for the oldskool methods of "Don't fix it if it ain't broken" and KISS.

Oh, yea, and I figured out that the DHCP server works just fine. It was a client-side thing ;) So all that's left for me now to do server-side in the next few days is to figure out why the bloody SMTP authentication doesn't want to work properly and update the software.

The page is slowly evolving as you can see (well, you could if you could see it before). So, here's a quick recap:

  • it's online now! that's a big improvement!!
  • the basic settings are set up reasonably well
  • the main theme is manji instead of the default one (you can still change the theme you want to use, if you make an account) and the blocks/menus were set up so they work with all the themes
  • I've added the "contacts" and "blog" links … So, if everything goes normally, in the next week or two the page should be set up as it should be complete with the first real content. Oh, and at that I have to add that when I start posting "real content" I'll stop sending the blog entries to the first page – the blog will still be there (under the "blog" link), but will be kept separate from the "real content".

hook out → reading Drupal documentation and drinking tea

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