This year in Slovenia we will officially celebrate DFD for the first time!

And although this is our Fellowship group's first action, we plan to make it a memorable one!

During the day we will bring a DFD cake to the Supreme Court of Slovenia (as the representative of all courts) for their exclusive use of open standards and open formats. Not only do use ODF, but have seen its potential as an open XML-based format and adapted the software to fit their use and with it solve many problems and hardships that they otherwise faced.

It's nice to see a branch of government to just get it what the benefits of open source and open standards are. Other branches should really take an example from our courts and follow suite!

In the evening we will host an event at Kiberpipa. Here is the planned timetable:

  • 18.00: greeting – Matija Šuklje
  • 18.15: "Short introduction to open formats and standards" – Matija Šuklje
  • 19.00: "Use of open standards in Courts" – Bojan Muršec and Gregor Strojin, Supreme Court
  • 19.45: "Open standards in multimedia" – Andrej Čremožnik
  • 20.30: round table
  • until 22.00: general merriment ;)

If you are in Slovenia or near it, you are cordially invited to join us!

More on DFD here.

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