In the past I have often used a specific Asian emoticon o_O and its variations of eyes to depict bewilderment, surprise and wonder.

While chatting online with an Korean friend of mine, muse struck me and I figured out the more European version of that smiley:

Ladies and gentlemen, please get to know the oJO and his brother the OLo.

As can be clearly seen they both sport two of the most prominent European noses – the hawk-like Roman/Caesarian nose and the noble Greek philosopher's nose.

Both are able to be modified with the eye variations just like its Asian cousin: so e.g.:

  • OJO could be described as a really astonished caesar;
  • oLo as a scarred or worried philosopher;
  • oJO as either looking right1 or raising the right eyebrow; and
  • OLo as either looking left1 or raising the left eyebrow.

hook out → nomming on home-made walnut potica and sipping cocoa with forest honey from a wooden mug

P.S. To avoid issues with MarkDown I have replaced all the previous o_O occasions in this blog with OJo.

  1. Looking from the reader’s point of view. 

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