BioWare – the game company that brought to us great RPG titles like Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, FallOut etc. has recently put up a multiple-choice poll on which operating systems people own and use to play games on.

The surprising part is that Linux came on first place with 54%, which Windows as a runner-up with 44%.

Ok, the first thought of course is that maybe the poll was misused – Linux users are "known to be hackers", anyway. ;) But this theory gets a bit dwindled by the fact thet on the forum topic regarding this poll there are more comments by (dual-booting or exclusively) Linux users then any other and the fact that a vast majority of these Linux users have one or more BioWare games registered. And if you count to that also the higher interest and commitment Linux users show, it's no wonder the poll shows those results.

Also, worth noting is that BioWare has already had very positive experience with the Linux community in the past. Namely, the porting of Neverwinter Nights to Linux was very much helped by the Linux community. So, the prospects for Linux gamers may have just turned to the better again.

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