About me

My name is Matija Šuklje but other geeks often call me Hook. I am a lawyer by profession and hacker by heart.

With two decades of experience in the FOSS world – ever at the nexus between the engineers, lawyers, businessmen, and policy makers – I truly enjoy making complex legal, technical, and similar thoughts easier for others to understand. Hopefully this humble blog helps a bit towards that goal.

I also have a soft spot for the good things in life, such as tea and sailing, which sometimes reflects in my posts.

Boring disclaimer: As the title and domain name clearly imply, Hook’s Humble Homepage is my personal website and blog and should be taken as such. If you are interested in any official statements and positions of groups and projects I am, or was, affiliated with (e.g. FSFE, ELSA, KDE, Gentoo, LUGOS, Cyberpipe/Kiberpipa), companies I work (Liferay) or have worked for, my (former) clients or just people I know, turn to their (official) websites and the means of communication they use.

My Projects

  • DE razor blades test List of my favourite DE razor blades, tested with a (quasi-)scientific method.
  • Activity-aware Firefox Integration of Firefox into KDE Plasma in a way that it plays nice with its Activities.

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Activity-aware Firefox 0.4.2 & packages for Debian and Arch Took me way longer than it should …
posted in Tehne

Made things easier to package, contributions and packages welcome.

New e-mail and XMPP addresses Some pain, some joy
posted in Tehne

I had to change my main e-mail address due to stupid technical reasons. On an unrelated note, I also have a new XMPP JID.

Backups and Btrfs RAID1 Self-inflicted face-palms and fixes
posted in Tehne

Installed the second SSD, set up backups with Borgmatic and set up the Btrfs RAID1. Challenges were met.

Games, consoles and the Meta mystery It’s pwetty now 😻
posted in Tehne

A short vacation causes all sorts of small tweaks, mostly of cosmetic nature.

System snapshots, Wayland & Vulkan Habemus reverti!
posted in Tehne

I am now able to roll back the system a working snapshot. Why I need to (temporarily) disable Baloo, and some other small things.

First steps of the installation Leza is born!
posted in Tehne

Basic EndeavourOS install, including some BIOS hardening, LUKS + Btrfs, KDE Plasma, and early preparations for more.