Yesterday we held our second meeting of (soon to be) FSFE Slovenia / Fellowship group Slovenia – and it was quite a success.

First for some stats: on the first meeting there were 9 of us, on the second one there were 14, and on the three-day-old mailing list there's already 20 members!

Apart from figuring out that we need a FSFE group and are willing to do it, we already made some sound plans on what we plan to this year and I'm very happy that in the group we have so many experienced people from all sorts of backgrounds.

It's quite late and I sent too much time behind the keyboard today already, so I'll just make it short – bullet-time style!

FSFE Slovenia's plan for 2010:

  • found FSFE Slovenia – start as a Fellowship group, in a few months' time develop a FSFE team from that;
  • Document Freedom Day – we've yet to decide if we want to make it small or already huge in the first year;
  • translate FSFE's site – make a team to translate it;
  • FOSS in schools – promote GNU/Linux and other FOSS to pupils directly and also by collaborating with the profs. There's some pretty good and detailed ideas on how to do that already;
  • Windows/Apple-tax – devise a system (probably via sample e-mails etc.) on how to make Windows- and Apple-tax refunds easy, bring it to the masses and possibly even try to work with the competition and consumer protection offices to solve the problem on the big scale;
  • si2010 – we plan to take apart the national implementation of the EIF and see how much of this strategy has been really implemented and write a report on it. We know this could be the motherload and should therefore be taken under serious scrutiny and would be a terrible mistake to let such an oportunity to leave a mark pass us by!

Personally, I think the plan's is just right – ambitious enough to change something, yet not too big, so it stays managable.

hook out → maybe Vancouver, most definetly bed…

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