About me

My name is Matija Šuklje but other geeks often call me Hook. I am a lawyer by profession and hacker by heart.

With two decades of experience in the FOSS world – ever at the nexus between the engineers, lawyers, businessmen, and policy makers – I truly enjoy making complex legal, technical, and similar thoughts easier for others to understand. Hopefully this humble blog helps a bit towards that goal.

I also have a soft spot for the good things in life, such as tea and sailing, which sometimes reflects in my posts.

Boring disclaimer: As the title and domain name clearly imply, Hook’s Humble Homepage is my personal website and blog and should be taken as such. If you are interested in any official statements and positions of groups and projects I am, or was, affiliated with (e.g. FSFE, ELSA, KDE, Gentoo, LUGOS, Cyberpipe/Kiberpipa), companies I work (Liferay) or have worked for, my (former) clients or just people I know, turn to their (official) websites and the means of communication they use.

My Projects

  • DE razor blades test List of my favourite DE razor blades, tested with a (quasi-)scientific method.
  • FSFE Legal team Helps everyone to Free Software legal information, experts and support. I led it for five years and continue to be an active member.
  • Cyberpipe/Kiberpipa A very cool and sophisticated hackerspace located in Ljubljana. One of the oldest hackerspaces there is and in need of young blood.

Recent Posts all posts

Trash – a safer alternative to rm Be smart(er than me), start trash-ing now!
posted in Tehne

Trash is a CLI implementation of FreeDesktop.org’s Trash Can spec, that we already know and love from our DEs. It is a great idea to use trash instead of rm as default file removal.

Introducing Activity-aware Firefox A script to make KDE Plasma and Firefox work hand-in-hand
posted in Tehne

Plasma and Firefox are both great pieces of powerful software, but sometimes they do not match well. I describe how I made a Firefox wrapper to make it behave well with Plasma’s Activities.

Dotfiles, Stow, i3, aerc – a quick look A somewhat chaotic blog post
posted in Tehne

Quick update on how I manage dotfiles with GNU Stow and how I learnt to live with i3 and aerc and some other console-based apps as well.

How fun does my Ring Fit Adventure² look like after some time The first month or so
posted in Anima

It seems it keeps me engaged enough to work out regularly, while it still continues to be a good game. While not perfect, I do really like it.

How and why to properly write copyright statements in your code … and probably more than what you ever wanted to know about them
posted in Ius

Copyright is automatic, but for compliance and collaboration purposes you should still use copyright statements of good quality. This post explains some copyright myths and inertia, as well as spells out how (and why) to write a copyright/license notice of great quality.

Diving into the world of Ring Fit Adventure The first two weeks
posted in Anima

Mostly kept to my routine and the game continues to come up with compelling ways to keep me (physically) engaged. I am surprised at how much depth and polish it has.